AS 7 ZW Wire Rope Hoist

STAHL CraneSystems upgrades its heavy duty class with the new AS 7 ZW.

The combination of two AS 7 wire rope hoists as a twin hoist offers an interesting alternative to comparable hoists in a similar load class as regards technology and price. As a twin hoist, the AS 7 wire rope hoist has a higher hoisting speed than conventional hoists. It differs from its "little brother" AS 7 in its considerably greater lifting height and above all its maximum safe working load of 125 tonnes which it owes to a modified rope reeving.


  • Compact dimensions
  • Great height of lift
  • High hoisting speed
  • Safe working load up to 125 t
  • Extremely favourable price-performance ratio
  • Innovative drive: cylindrical rotor motor with monodisc magnetic brake
  • Particularly suited to systems manufacture
  • Simple maintenance: all important components easily accessible
  • Lifetime lubrication of all gear steps in oil bath
  • As an option in explosion-protected design in compliance with ATEX

STAHL AS 7 Wire Rope Hoist

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