Travel Drives

Travel drives set your crane in motion. They function as crane travel drives and move wire rope hoists, chain hoists and wheel blocks. The more precisely they can be controlled, the faster and more accurately the crane operator can position his load. The integrated centrifugal mass and the low-noise gears make for particularly smooth accelerating and braking - which has a positive effect on load swing, for example. Two speeds in a ratio of 4:1 are standard. There are many finely graduated steps between the slow 5/20 m/min and the fastest drive with 10/63 m/min. You can thus match your crane perfectly to your individual requirements.


  • Choose from 2 standard drives: 5/20 m/min or 10/40 m/min
  • Stepless speed control with even smoother running characteristics (on request)
  • Power reserves thanks to high duty cycle: 60 % DC
  • Maintenance-free gear with lifetime lubrication
  • Smooth running characteristics thanks to integrated centrifugal mass and low-noise gears
  • Safe power transmission by spline shaft to DIN 5480
  • Comprehensive equipment: integrated disc brake, integrated torque support

STAHL Travel Drives

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