Grade 80 Chain Slings & Components

Grade 80(T) Chain
Regular Size Master Link
Large Size Master Link
Large Size Multi Master Link
Chain Connector/HammerLock
Clevis Grab Hook
Clevis Safety Hook
Clevis Self Locking Hook
Eye Type Grab Hooks
Clevis Shortening Hooks
Eye Type Safety Hooks
Eye Type Self Locking Hooks
Swivel Self Locking Hooks
Eye Type Sling Hooks
Clevis Container Link
Container Lifting Hook
Coupling Hook and Latch
Coupling Latchlok Hook
Coupling Master Link
Half Coupling Link Assembly
Insulated Swivel with Ball Bearing
Omega Link
Pinlock C Hook
Pinlock End link
Pinlock Forest Hook
Pinlock Shackle
Clevis Sling Hook
Clevis Swivel Self Locking Hooks with Bearing
Round Sling Coupling
Shackle Eye Swivel Hook
Swivel Hook with Latch and Bearing
Twist Eye Choke Hook
Shank Hook
Eye Foundry Hook

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